Stacey Vaillancourt

Your my inspiration

What do you like about me?
You ask me
I say
Your personality
How you care about me
The way you miss me
How you play your music
Your face
The way you talk to me
How you keep me calm
When I'm in a crazy state of mind
The way you look at me like a person
A real human being
And not like a piece of meat like some guys do
You inspire me so much
With your writing
And how you inspire me to write
And speak my mind
Express my feelings like very few could do that
Your my inspiration
A reason to move forward
Out of the light and into a stronger place
To live on and get by through the hard times
You say its always gonna be okay
And most times I believe you
You give the reason to be happy
No matter what
Good friends or lovers no matter what
Your my inspiration