Shantanu Chindhade

Your love for me...

I am an eye specialist practicing in Pune city for the last 25 yrs or so.Writing poetry in my mother tongue for the last 45 yrs .My two collections are released.English poetry is a new avenue for me and I am trying my best to come out.I write prose as well.I run a group of amateur poets and writers…

These feathery spring showers bring sweet memories
Zizag paths in deep woods make air flowery
Slow trickle of rain drops like rose petals
In your curly hair some nicely settle...
At places thick clouds linger here and there
Cool breeze when blows make me shiver
On the horizon evening sky with golden hue
In between you and me something without clue...
Green leaves,green trees, green flying birds
You and me in floating mood just beyond words
Even though this spring shower may run away
Your love for me all along must stay...!