arcee calma

Your Love

Third year Accountancy student

Your love is a sword plunged in my heart
Like the shadows following me in the dark
While walking alone, cold in the park
But It's just the beginning, just the start
I can't feel the pain
Can't see the blood stain
My heart is crying in pain
But still i trusted, loved you in vain
But as the sword was drawn out
All the pain, miseries began to spout
Like a flowing spring, starting to drought
Slowly, painfully, tearing my heart out
Now all i can do is cry
All I wish now is to die
my mind is asking
Why I believed in a lie?
Becoming a prisoner of pain
agony and hatred began to reign
My heart was crushed, bloodily stained
Losing everything I gained
Yet now I'm standing up
Broken, but freed from the trap
Badly hurt but still I can look up
To be strong, to be at the top.