Barbara Cadogan

Your Little Girl

I am a Registered Nurse, and first started to write poetry when I was about 18 years old. I have written several poems on a variety of subjects, and enjoy poems that are light and filled with humor. I feel that a good poem like a painting, is able to evoke a variety of emotions, whether sad or cheeā€¦

I remember the day I first looked into your eyes.
So long ago it seems, but how time flies.
You were so young and beautiful then,
And Iwas just your little girl.

You fed and bathed, and kept me warm
And lulled me to sleep until dawn.
Now I have grown and on my own
I'm still your little girl.

You taught me how to creep and crawl,
And to stand until I didn't fall.
Though now I'm strong and tall, to you
I am still your little girl.

When I was one, or two , or three,
I followed you around in glee.
Attached securely to your apron's hem,
I was your little girl.

You laughed with me and dried my tears
And sometimes scolded with a pinch of ears.
I was astubborn lass back then,
I was your little girl.

When just a teen, you let me go
To spread my wings, and so
You trusted me to do what's right
Though I was your little girl.

Today you've reached one hundred years; a feat for few
And though I'm now a senior too,
So long ago since first we met
And I am still your little girl.