Kathy A. Wittman

Your Last Heartbeat

I am a retired college teacher. In the past, I taught classes in Education, English, and Psychology. At present, I am focused on developing my potential as an artist and writer. I have self-published books in the genres of autobiography, fiction, and poetry. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Englis…

I held you desperately in my arms
for a few brief moments in eternity;
my broken heart beat defiantly
while I watched you depart from me.

The Father held you in His arms
as He caressed your beautiful face;
your spirit beheld His Shekinah
while you glimpsed His matchless grace.

The Son beckoned you to Him
as He told you stories of His love;
your spirit beamed at His mirth
while you marveled at the Heavens above.

The Spirit cradled you by His winds
as He crooned His ecstatic melodies;
your spirit soared at His rapture
while you understood life's mysteries.

I held you tenderly in my arms
for a few brief moments in eternity;
your delicate heart beat faintly
while you were embraced by the Trinity.

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