David Smith

Your Corner Of This World

I am an x-singer/songwriter/ poet(A Simple Mans Poet). I have written songs and recorded in Nashville, Tn.Also wrote and recorded with one of the legends of rock Mr.Joey Welz, of Caprice I'ntl Records- Lititz, Pa. I am med-retired from the USPS at the present moment in time.I am a 53 yr old Papa or…

As you lay in the lush green grass
Under the shades of the tall trees
And the way the cool breezes do blow

Against the fur of your skin
Making you feel so good
By the way you are laid out and sleeping
In a thing known as your mid-day siesta

That one can also tell
You are so very happy
By the movements of your tail

For you to be
In your own little place and time
That is also known as your piece of heaven
And also your corner of this world.
  By: DAS-{c}-06-25-2013

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