Emile Pinet

Your Baby Charms

I was born in a small town, (Bathurst) New Brunswick, Canada,. The third eldest of thirteen children, ten girls and three boys. I’m the product of a semi-dysfunctional family, brought up by a controlling, physically abusive father, verses a loving mother. Many of my poems reflect the uniqueness and…

By snuggling very close,
you stir within my arms.
And begin to giggle,
plying your baby charms.

Your wiggling and squirming,
brings joy to my heart.
For holding you's magic,
and has been from the start.

Hush now little angel,
there is no need for tears.
For I'll always love you,
until time disappears.

Mommy is the one that's
smiling from ear to ear.
So close those sleepy eyes
and go to sleep my dear.

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