James Harcrow

Young at Heart

My wife Elisabeth does not do computers. The poems were written by her. The reviews are hers too. She is very much alive and writing poetry everyday. I do not write these poems I only enter them into the computer. .

You're only as young as you feel
Isn't that a very good deal?
Although my body says " no,no,no"
My mind still says "go,go,go"

Go for it, reach for that star
It is really not so far
Have some fun, go shop to shop
Until you finally think you drop

Be happy and sing a song
Feeling young is definitely not wrong
It is absolutely not insane
If you like to dive from a plane

Feeling young at heart is good
Keeps you in a very good mood
Have a sparkle in your eye
Keep it there until you die

Young at heart and young at mind
Always blessed and always kind
Love is never far away
Live life like this night and day
  Elisabeth Clark Harcrow

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