Angela Crabtree

You've Been Gone a Long Time

Angela Crabtree is a recovering drug addict who spent time in prison, institutions and even tried committing suicide at a young age. She started writing in 1996 using her life experiences as inspiration. She has the ability to draw you into whatever feeling she was feeling at the moment.

You've Been Gone A Long Time

You've been gone for a long time now, yet I still catch myself thinking of you.
You were taken away before your time was done
I am trying my hardest to become the best for both of us
Heartache and pain has come and gone
You were ripped from our lives with n hopes of returning
Lost inside your mind, you were gone before it began
My rambling mess does not make sense, but I know you still hear me, still see me
You've been gone to long now
All that is left of you is me and I am falling fast
Raise your up and catch me falling
You are here I feel your presence
I need your strength to help carry me through this pain
You've been gone a long time now, yet I still catch myself thinking of you

┬ęBy: Angela M. Crabtree
December 12, 2009