Raven Rose

You're My Drug

I write various poems pending on different topics, usually they can be positive and uplifting. My main inspiration is through my man. He has brought me more deeper into my writing capacity. He is my true love and my true dedication to me writing my poetry. I would love to give him a huge thank you …

Your kisses leave me breathless
Leave me desperately wanting more
You're like a drug, addicting me
But this addiction I can't cure

Your hugs make my knees weak
Make me fall down to the ground
I find myself reaching out for you
Even when you're not around

Your touch gives me goosebumps
Sends shivers down my spine
I feel my whole body burn with heat
As our fingers intertwine

Your eyes strike me to my core
And every single nerve becomes aware
“You're my drug, my lifeline -
Don't leave me” I whisper in my silent prayer

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