Anna Cellmer

You who stayed

I am a Polish female living in the heart of the greenest region of Poland called 'The land of a thousand lakes'. I am married and a mother of two beautiful boys, working at the University of Warmia and Mazury at the Real Estate Management and Regional Development Chair. Poetry is the subject I …

I place my thoughts
Before the sight of you
Searching this longing
I have still inside
Looking for the man
As you are
I find myself
In an empty space
Of wanting
Lost in the world
Which is just a flash
Of touching words
Floating from your mind
Across the light of my screen
The window is open wide
For all of these rays of smiles
Curiosity is a guider of mine
So I'm still looking around
To another one small world of your own
To catch the feeling to feed my soul
But only you are this one
Who stayed for good
To belong
To want
To love
To wait for