Ashleigh Gray

You Saved Me

I'm a 21 year old writer from Little Rock Arkansas, and I've been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. It's pretty much my passion. I'm also an award winning author of a nonfiction writing piece that I wrote in college. My current profession is a professional pet stylist (aka dog groomer) :) I …

I never thought I'd feel this way,
after all my heart's been through;
that I would have the chance to love again,
with someone wonderful like you.

Just when my world came crashing down,
you saved me from myself;
you swept me up with knowing arms,
when there was no one else.

When I was helplessly lost and nothing made sense,
you held me through the night;
you wiped away my painful tears,
and told me I'd be alright.

I find the person I'm supposed to be,
when I look into your eyes;
and now my world's a better place,
because you saw through my disguise.