You Probably Have Athlete's Foot in Your Mouth...

I can't write about myself in third person, so let's make this an autobiography.I'm Rachel. I'm a nineteen year old college student. And, well, I'm pretty boring. I'm awkward, and I'm selfish. I'm both too serious and too whimsical. I'm hundreds of conflicts contained in a girl. I've only had one r…

Recycled bottled up emotions
Pour out like ink on paper.
I’d speak, but I refuse
To hear my voice waver.

You look down at me,
And I feel so small.
Your words weigh on me,
But I will not let myself fall.

In the morning,
Apologies will rain.
But as of tonight,
I’ll cling to this pain.

You’ll tell me they were just words;
That you were just weak.
But remember, from the heart
So shall the mouth speak.

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