You Own Me

To have you in my arms,
Your eyes kissing mine,
Loving me - as I love you,
Breathing me - as I breathe you.
Free in your care - You own me.

Kisses give
true freedom,
fine love.
I scream
for your touch,
I reach for you,
touch your face.
rub my warmth
Onto yours.

Feel your ardour
through your scent,
breathe your name
through struggled breath,
ache for your touch.

Just to feel,
fingertips so light
scrape my want
with insanity
and returned desire.
Is my true wish.

I crave your voice,
whispering my name,
tongue trailing my veins
like path through maze,
leading me to freedom,
setting my love ablaze
like no other could reach.

To touch every inch
of your sweet soul
and kiss every pore
that screams to me
your sunshine treasure.
is my ultimate goal.
My only goal

I long for your desire
like no other dream,
to feel love burn me,
scorched in temptation,
Hells party piece.
Roof raised to euphoria,
diamond explosions
shattering oblivion
into crystals of sublime bliss.

To have you in my arms,
your eyes kissing mine,
loving me - as I love you
breathing me - as I breathe you.
Free in your care - you own me.