ashish sharma-ansh

you or you?

Only quest to you, whats more interesting in me than others, that would make you to read the other next line~~~ ain't you? for me poetry is wind that flows smoothly in my words , i am rhyming since i was 10 years old, a long time since i took to prepare my signs of sight, how i visualize, its gettiā€¦

Long ago, the civilization started,
but since than anyone FIND-
the truth to still remain a human brand,
you or you might tried,
but what happened,
you born as human-
but never acheived that if you a human,

why ? than-
for what those earnings,
those blood sheds,
for what those fightings,
those flesh mats,
for what those infant girl's burning,
those child laboring like mads,
for what those hurtings,
those apartness from past,

you or you- what you showing,
any way of gratification,
that you born as human?
but i don't think,
its worth you born and got some admiration,
its you or you-
reasons of chocking off - that voice to suffocation,
the inside soul- want some peace-
and from where it gets that legion,
you make there only frauds - of superfetation!!!