Bill chance

You Must Pay

So you're the one the dude the man, the one who thinks, he has the plan. If anyone can do it you think you can. Before you start just give me a try, just one chance before your soul dies.
I'm not going to try and stop you, or change your mind in anyway. Just to warn you about the Price You Must Pay. You see I've had what you want, and more than most, simply because I was the finest host.
I wanted the parties the flash the bang, I really thought that I could hang. The chicks where plenty and had all the friends, they swore they would be with me till the very end.
I was the best slinger, slinger around, I forgot that only when they put my friends in the ground.
How I destroyed peoples lives, how I caused evil to grow. I just wanted to hear laughter, I just didn't know. I was a monster lived just for the day, all the faces in my mind they will all stay.
So go ahead dude, Mr Man go play, just remember my son The Price You Must Pay.