Hasmukh Mehta

You must open

am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered t…

You must open your window
Give access and allow
I shall touch the idle nerve
That may ideally serve

The poetry may come into life again
Just too express agony and pain
But you shall be revived
In world again to be survived

Poetry is never written in sleep
That gospel must be in mind to keep
As it may surface with little impetus
You are back again in life for us

Don't die virgin
As it has no meaning
Life has to offer flowers
With beautiful rainy showers

You may dream and want
Beautiful company and chant
Love songs with wind's blow
You shall be carried away with love's flow

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