you lost me

never been afraid to do anything took some short cuts but never gave up just found better ways to live my life lost loves family but not my heart and my brain to get up and keep goin true believer jesus is my rock he is with me all the time

you leaving my side had to be the best thing for me
i confused my feelings you wasn't what i truly needed
i thought i loved you
but it wasn't love i just cared so much for you
our relationship wasn't what it seemed
you never did support my dreams
you had me wrapped around your finger
why didn't i see
you were never there for me
i didn't notice every song you dedicated me was some how saying goodbye
i enjoyed it because i thought it was sweet
sweet enough to knock me off my feet
i should of known you were still in love with her
that's why it didn't work
now that i look at you i realize how stupid i was to think you were the best i could do
because not only am i over you
but i now know you never made me happy you just made me smile or a second in time
even though you didn't give me your heart
i gave you mine
but pain isn't permanent it slowly fades away
months have passed my pain has drowned
and your still the same
you got a new girlfriend you suppose I'm jealous??
but I'm not why should i
what we had wasn't real
you couldn't love me right
but i do wish you and her the best
give her everything you couldn't give me
anyway at the end of the day i know
i don't love you anymore


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