You Have What I Want

I like her lips
I like her curves
this really gets me on my nerves.
The way she moves
the way she talks
makes all the boys want to stalk.
Her golden hair
and this i swear
makes me want to touch it.
although she's hot
she might not
even care about it.
Her fair complexion
shows no affection
but all the boys still want her.
What makes her great,
she has no taste
and this I find
such a waste!
I want to kill her,
no, i don't, but maybe
a little tazor?
and Oh my God I forgot,
to buy my cutting razor!
Tiny cuts I make each day
to make the jealousy go away.
I want her man
that holds her hand
so i can sex him everyday
unfortunately this can not be
because he isn't gay.