Ravi Kant

You have shown me real treasures of Love

Hello friends, I am from India. Coming to my educational details, I am an electrical engineer and currently I am in the final phases of my doctoral program. In due course of time I have imbibed some flavors of poetic thoughts, which eventually came out unconditionally, all of a sudden. I was afraid…

I wander for love
I roamed around the places for love
I tried impressing them by poems for love
I even dated to find one for love

Like those hunters
I roamed for my love
Like those woodpeckers
I hunted for my nest
Like those thieves
I hunted for treasures

But I failed
I was married to you
When I failed
I buried those little excitements in me
And put my pains in me

I was hidden to see those little things
I was blind to see through your eyes
I was masked to see my nest
I was tricked by fate for those treasure
I was deceived by my thoughts
Until I realized for myself
I see in you those little things
Those treasure that I had been waiting for
Those everlasting sentiments of love I had been waiting for

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