You exist through the glass

It’s another day
Cold and alone
Just like yesterday
And here I am again.

Making my way
I come to you
Fogging the glass
I gaze into your window.

I don’t see you inside
But I feel you there
I won’t dare come in
I don’t want to scare you.

Instead I gently tap
And the glass quivers
Smile on my face
You speak to me.

Through the glass
You radiate brightly
Like a billion suns
And my soul melts.

With your wit
You make me laugh
And I’m feeling all good
Like I haven’t felt in forever.

I have to touch you
Grabbing the window
I throw it open
But now you’ve gone.

If only I could see
You’re not here with me
Through the glass
You exist through the glass.

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