Lanelle Taylor

You Don't Even Know It

My name is Lanelle Taylor , I love to write. Usually because I'm a peacemaker outside of writing and do not express myself much especially if I think that it wouldn't make the situation any better, so I would write to escape. I apologize if my poetry is long, repetitive, or doesn't make any sense w…

I watch him die before my eyes
Loving everything in sight
Trapping his dear life
Suffering faster than his might
Pushing forward to do what's best
When he invests in things
That have no meaning

A woman's love is only a gift after life
Why follow something that will bring you strife
Without my Laws you don't exist
Yet you bow down to another's hind to kiss
False gods make me sick
I've made you mighty
And you're worshipping sticks

A woman can please you
I made her and you disobey
You lie to me just for her to stay
And you wonder why you search
And cannot find
Only to watch behind
A gazelle's hind

Now you're chasing money
When the land is what I gave free
You're working and slaving
Over your own creation
As a hole your kingdom falls
And mine is saving

You will see my might
You will see my existence
Then I will stand
And life is what you're missin'

Pride disables your vision
To see all my provisions
I've never forsaken
If asked, it is given
Yet I'm left alone
Without any glory
How is that fair
When I created this story

I've done this out of love
Something hard to comprehend
Love is confusing
Because it's something I'm in
Love is the driving force
The will to keep living
To see another beautiful creation
Bloom in the spring