Ging Alburo D.

You Can Go Now (599)

Hi Everyone! This is Ging not so tall and not so short. I came from a big family of Ten and I am the last fruit of my parents love on the first set of seven siblings. My family describe me as friendly, lively, lovely and poetic and funny; this is when I was at home in my native land and speak my ow…

I thought you are mine
And true like vine;
But little I know
You are taboo.

How do I know?
Here's the reason why;
When I hold u in my arms,
I am not in your mind;

My desire are all just for you,
No matter how you put me through;
In-spite of all the trouble
I bear it all for you;
But everything I do
It's all nothing to you;

You are the one I love;
A consent from above;
But little I know
I'm just a fool like you;
Longing for love
That it don't mean for me and you.

You can leave now
From my view
I can bear this pain
Alone without you.

I'm leaving this chamber...,
And release our love above;
I shall built a monument,
A reminder that we are free from each other at last !

Yah! Free at last!!!

I shall paint our memories
In the grey canvass;
I shall living back
To my old self
Back in time before
I tasted your sweet

By Ms. Ging Alburo D.