Low Li Ling, Jasmine

You Are The Sad Song Of My Life

30th October 1992, Singapore

I stood, gazing stonically out of window
Thinking if I should give up on the fanatasy that was supposed to be
Just like the violin music wafted in front of the speaker
You are a sickly sweet melody
Meant to wring out the emotion I deny myself to stay sane

Time shedded like leaves at change of seasons
The love letter still left undelivered on my table
How do i forge a path to the side of you?

I don't know when the last agony of farewell will come
Till then the song will remain the same
Overwhelmed with grief, engulfed with sorrow
One that echoes the ache of the heart

A face that could not be forgotten
One that strummed a memory chord
My eyes still brimmed with the sheen of tears

Of a memory that cant be forgotten
A person who never intend to let go
In the end, it will still be pain

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