Alice Rost

You Are My Sister, You Are My Rock !

You are my sister, You are my rock!
All the memories we've shared; the secrets we've unlocked
You're my best friend,you always make me feel content
You've been there for me, through ups and downs
You've always made me smile, when i frowned
Anything that troubled me, You could easily comprehend
I don't think it was only because you're my sister,
but also my best friend.
I love you with all my heart, I just want you to know
The happiness you've shined in my life,
has turned any gray cloud into a rainbow
I love you sis, and thankyou for always being there
With your love and support, I feel richer than a millionaire
You are my sister, you are my rock!
With you in my life & by my side,
I can face anything against the clock
Without you in my life & by my side,
happiness for me, would be denied