Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi

You are important for me!!!!

I always see the poets on this site in great respect
I never wish any one less in skill and future prospect
There are many highly skill poets not on front page
They are real poets with great skill and courage
If some has against me any kind of complain
I seek your forgiveness and sincerely repent
I am great owed to this beautiful site
This has shown and brought me to light
I was just sitting in the pavilion
I was lost in ungraceful oblivion
All of you are my brothers' sisters and friends
I have nothing to achieve, have absolutely no any ends
Still some one felt very hurt
I repent with my soul and heart
Even if you feel that I deserve hate
Then throw me out like a fly in your dish plate
I try to be just in reviewing your work
I don't seek any prize or perk
I am here to just share my love
Don't think me a rotten dove
One again I beg your pardon
Poetry .come is not my Kingdome
It is a site of us all
Let us help each other
And catch the one who fears a fall………..