Ging Alburo D.

You Are A Sweet Little Headache (Poem No. 517)

Hi Everyone! This is Ging not so tall and not so short. I came from a big family of Ten and I am the last fruit of my parents love on the first set of seven siblings. My family describe me as friendly, lively, lovely and poetic and funny; this is when I was at home in my native land and speak my ow…

My Dear, you are sweet little headache,
But you are a joy to be around on net.
What I am going to do with you,
May be a little good spanking
And pinching would do, to calm you.

Don't give me that slight look,
It reminded me that nook, hook on the book.
It's bothersome to my resistance, it excite my heart at once.
You got me tense up, Make me think I'm on the hill top.
You're such a sweet little head ache, enough for my heart to melt.

I thought I would hold my self in full control,
But you've got me in your dance to rock and roll.
Here I am alone with you, trap in your charms and show.
If you keep on that way, you'll be sweet little heartache someday.

Oh, You're such a sweet little headache,
You made my day without regret.
Because we have a fantastic date,
And we both can never forget.

Hehehhehehe Just having fun to write, Hope you enjoy:)

Author Ms. Ging