Melissa Torres

You and Me

These are but written photos of my life, my mind, and those around me captured as best as I could in words. I'm not a trained writer so my style is of no particular way. I have long detailed poems and short to the point ones. My hope is that you can see what I have seen feel what i felt with out br…

My Heart wonders when will you touch me again
A touch that penetrates my soul
My soul wonders when will you inspire me again
An inspiration that pushes me to take control
Silly me you are no longer here
Only in my hopes and dreams do I hold you near
Please hold me within your thoughts
For you live in mine without fear of getting caught
But I’m no longer allowed to speak your name
I have to hide my feelings, things are no longer the same
Someone is where you were
How I got from there to here is a blur
There is passionate love but it isn’t the same
You were not only my first love but my best friend, no one is to blame
I envy those around you that don’t include me
I hope one day we can be friends like it use to be