Jimmy Savala

You Alone

aka dennis savala

I have searched my heart for words
Words to describe your love.
""Forever, all forgiving, everlasting"" They try,
But at best their efforts are unable to capture,
The greatness of your love.
Father God above, thank you for that love.
That only you alone could describe,
With your Word from above.
You sent your only Son, Your Word and Him are one.
Love showered from above, your Word on the wings of a Dove.
Yes you alone are the Word that describes,
The height and depth of your love.
Yes you alone, laying in a manger.
You alone on that cross of wood.
All of my life your Word will I hide
In my heart and my mind, Forever by my side
Yes you alone shall be my guide
You alone as I try to describe
Your love, as deep as it is wide.
You alone. Yes you alone.

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