Riva Murphy


I am a living, breathing poem, a compilation of lyrics, and an enigma. I am dramatized, by traumas past and a life that is unequivocally mine.

There's many things I wanted to say before I left
So many interjections I could leave you with
Fight and round this circle again
but I didn't.
I can't assume you'll ever understand
why I cut you out and then
left you to fend for yourself again.
There's a million reasons why I should go,
and there's reasons I should stay
but I don't know what to say
I know you feel so much pain because I let you go
but in my heart I needed to let you know
I feel you.
I don't know where life will bring me
but like you I'm feeling empty
in my mind this was the only way to show
I'm choosing not to answer,
to let you be your own
and don't think that I don't feel how hard I let you down.
but this is it for me,
I can't have anybody
right now,
not now.
I am proud of you for trying,
you're not weak, you are not lying,
now be the man I always knew you were inside.
Let me go and heal yourself,
don't be bitter
just be better.
You deserve to be happy
You deserve to be wanted
You are good enough,
You are important.
You are you forever and you deserve to live.
I won't hold you down.
I love you Always, forever, without judgment, with honesty,
No matter where I am.
but that love won't bring us together
this is our end.

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