yesterday never lets me down

I Love to write, it helps me rinse out my soul.

old white-washed porch in june, snappin peas to our favorite tunes, on the radio
that was a long time ago
my momma always knew i was better than the news that managed to get ahead of me
her lost dreamer
but yesterday won't let me down
all of my better days I never recognized til they were gone
and boy, they are so gone.
yesterday won't let me down
i'm in the moment because i know,
i'm still that little boy
who found himself alone
well, i'm not alone.
looking into my baby girl's eyes
memories seem to rise out of anywhere
and i'm running, barefoot thru the fields behind our home.
a hot dr. pepper in a paper cup, listening to the fireworks from my bed
if it seems like i got lost in time
it's just that I just met myself coming down the road.
and now I know
yeaterday won't let me down
it's still a shiny day ever day
i can still get a goosebump anytime, I just close my eyes and let it fly
yesterday comes around
and never lets me down