Shane Alan Kanode

Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

I was born in 1978 in a small town in West Virginia. Now days I live and work as a PC Tech in Columbus, OH. I have always loved writing. I started when I was about 10, back then I wrote Rap music! lol But, I grew out of that and now I write mostly about heart break and love loss. Hope you enjoy my …

Yesterday: Walked away when you should have stayed.
Turned a deaf ear to a loud cry.
Closed your mind to simple requests.

Today: Ask why is it so hard to give in?
Must the pain overwhelm the love?
Why were those things said?
Were they meant to be seen?
Did they need to be disclosed?

Tomorrow: Wish you didn't give up someone to rub your body!
Bathe you, tickle & kiss every inch of your skin!
Cry with you, smell you & hold it in like an addiction!
Calls out to you in the isles; worried you were lost!
Devoted to making you happy, willing to give up almost everything!
You shattered dreams & trust with betrayal & lies!
Wake up & realize it was a dream of the past!
One last glimpse of the good behind the faults!
Threw all that away for fun & excitement!
Replaced the admiration, plans, creativeness and comfort!