Wallace LaBenne

Yarns Well-Chosen

Poetry sounds like snowflakes landing on spring flowers. I write, read and hear poems with my heart.

Yarns Well-Chosen

Bungled patterns become painful
Hugs rejected and botched kiss
Dropping needle-strands is baneful
One wrong stitch a major miss
Frigorific love now frozen
Sorrow comes from “threads” ill-woven

Impulse is irrefutable
Angry creatures growl and hiss
Heat thaws ice is immutable
Mars in “fabrics” to dismiss
Clear dissection from the maven
Exposes the shameless craven

Rituals like a great baptismal
Yielding beauty, warmth and bliss
Thoughts removed considered dismal
To transcend hatred's abyss
Harmony and peace un-cloven
Pleasure comes from “yarns” well-chosen

© Wallace Dean LaBenne

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