Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao


I am a retired bank manager presently working for an Indian infrastructure company in a senior position I love to be a member of this portal

Vide World Wide Web at hand,
Working fast at finger tips,
Tab on table-top or lap-top,
Access thru windows tip-top.

Wise and wild web-sites host,
Millions of web-masters hoist.
Click mouse on cursor left or right,
Flood of information flows straight.

Once called cob-web of clumsy corner,
Assumed cozy-web of closed circuit,
World netted by the web of electrons,
Caught by wonders of wizard web.

All pervasive, populous and popular,
Globalised and glorious in daily life
Visible to none in bytes of zero and one
Countless websites encounter the day

Spins in speed and spurs out smart
Dabble or wobble; it helps you to win
Operate thru internet and intranet
It co-operates with the systems in net

Browse; it arouses what you wish
Surf; it brings to surface on screen
Press ‘Enter' key to control and command
It churns out cheese you choose.

Work from home or humming air craft,
Mail in or mail out to bail out the day,
Respond or correspond; it carries brisk,
Transponder is miles above free from risk

Subject any subject to Google search,
Sure, objects bound abound and surround,
Web in and out not to be caught in wild web,
Key-Board is key to board your success.

Microsoft hits on monitor like macro shaft,
Prevail and avail link and avoid day's void,
Let us harness aerobics of electrons,
And witness acrobatics of electronics.