Amir Samji

Worry is total waste of time

Worry is total waste of time
It is an unintentional crime
Doesn't help in life to shine
All it does; steal your time

It keeps you busy like blind
If provoke; gives you hard time
Don't indulge in; to waste time
For no reason in brain ring chime

We're here for our ideas to shine
What I'm telling listens; don't mind
Used to engulf; now I don't give time
Answer is in Intellect; don't be blind

Like me; millions wasted their time
Be brave; dust you touch; gold you find
Capable of doing; to do a novel way find
Being successful; happiness you find

Nothing is impossible do your best & be kind
Soon efforts bring fruit to have peace of mind
Just contemplate; what you want you will find
Despondency is sin; toward it never get incline