stan brierly

World Rowing Championships

I have been writing poems for forty years and written about all sorts of things. Somehow I get creating streaks and can write up to 4 or 5 poems at once of varying subjects. I find it is a good way to record events of the day and bring history to life.The mental aspect is a balance against keeping …

Years of dedication builds health and strength,
There's no limit to distance and length,
Years are spent to establish a team,
You labour diligently in that slipstream.

Morning and night both heere and afar,
North or south its there you are,
All local events and nationals too,
These and more are challenges for you.

Athletes and supporters they never stop,
Keep on going until ready to drop,
When you're competing you do your best,
Training and striving it' the ultimate test

Now World Champs mother and daughter,
Acting as volanteers days long not shorter,
Yes at Karipiro spectacular it be,
Much to do and plenty to see.

Amazing the atmosphere seeing rowers compete,
Each one striving and the other to beat,
Medals and placings New Zealand did well,
Watching and helping there's much to tell.

Men and women blended as one,
Enjoyed the activity the water and sun,
Memorable the occasion fascinating and rare,
Brilliant each race they were I declare.

Words can't express excitement and skill,
Grit and determination also power of will,
Emotions ran high when near the line,
Shouting and supporting it actually was fine.
Details about this poem;-
Written after being a spectator and watching this
World event, while my wife and daughter acted as

vulonteers to assist with running the function.