Steven Avolio

Words Will Always Be There

You pretend not to see me no more,
I have had the door slammed in my
Face, it has happened to me before,
I am use to being displaced…

What do I have to lose, but words that
I adore? The waves wash up upon the
Shore only to go back to the sea. My
Sand castles have been washed away before….

I wish I could console you, for I know
You grieve. I wish I could hold you
And unload some of your pain onto
Me. I wish I could dress your wounds…

I knew it could not last, immaterial
Dreams, it was just a fantasy that
Was as real as it could be. Be free.
I will always be here if you want me…

Some wounds are beyond repair,
We have to learn to live with the
Pain, just be careful not to bleed.
You are stronger then you think…

If you want to find me I will be in
The air, like always, a mind without
A body; words flowing without care.
I will always be here for you, to find…

I will not trouble you and disturb
The balance of your life. I will not
Intrude into your mind uninvited,
I will never abandon you; yet I'll now go…