Prince Saremu


Lots of Words that I found it in my blog and I want to share it

1- There's Only One Girl Who Can Brighten Up my Life Everytime She Appears .. It's You Princess

 2- Princess ~ You're The Only One Who Can Brings Me Back To Reality

 3- Princess .. Please Stay
 Coz When U Do This
 The Circle Of Darkness
 Will Fades Away

 4- If there's a guinness record about a guy who love a girl I bet that I can be on the top of the billboard.

 5- I'd Like To Remeber Our Happy Moments Everytime I Miss You .. Coz It Brings Back My Real Smile Every Sec I Think Of It

 6- Friday Is The Beautifulest Day Tht Will Stay
Forever In Our Minds
 Coz It's Our First Time We Settin Next To Each Other
 As It's Our First Time We Met
 The Time That We Will Never Forget

 7- Even If You're So Far Away From Me .. I Can See You .. Princess Remember .. U R In My Heart Forever

 8- You Will Always Be My Pr!ncess !!
9- Even though we are not together these days but I will be wherever you go love you always