Wallace Dean LaBenne


Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Of the many words to choose there must be a gazillion.
Should we lose fine descriptions by using half a million?

Discordant sounds in the ear vibrate as cacophony.
Clashing noise tonality generates disharmony.

Ignorant obtuseness designates analphabet.
It is illiteracy in a witlessness beset.

Fraudulent hoodwinking styles are methods to bamboozle.
Chicane shams and trickery are used to dupe and baffle.

Postulated enigmas are difficult conundrums.
Conjectural mind-teasers are proposition theorems.

An exceptional event is a lollapalooza.
Extraordinary "something" for mammal brain's cerebra.

Lexicographic practice presents words for little cost.
The expense is energy for usage before they're lost.

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