Kev Green

Word Puzzles

Just a person who might have suffered more than his fair share of suffering but still lives to tell the tale. Found writing and writing found me. Everything I do is dedicated to my dear Wife and children Emma and Jamie and my mentor Rob Middlehurst.

Why do doctors use words to confuse,
Words like 'Contusion' which just means a 'bruise.'
Why not be open with use of a name,
So patients don't worry not knowing the same.

You've got 'carcinoma,' is what you are told.
"So what is that Doctor, the same as a cold?"
The patient is normal, they don't know such term,
This kind jargon just doctors would learn.

Why not talk straight, and use common a word,
Not terminology so plainly absurd.
Talk to the patient, use words that they know,
That way you'll gain notice, and respect, it will grow.

Doctors have powers that they do not use,
The power to lesson the harshest of use.