Mgbada chukwudi cletus

Word hunt

Name:Mgbada chukwudi cletus occupation:student marital status:single sex:male state:Ebonyi state,Abakaliki. Country:Nigeria ABOUT HIM: He is a funny drud who does know his right from his left.Always carried away by his stoic words;which had variably and invariably,advertently and inadvertentl…

Into my study,
i came across a word,
a word not too familiar,
not too linking,
a word not from a popular letter;

that is the word!.
i grabed by dictionary,
opened the 'Qq' constituents,
and there,buried the "mother words";

seeing this word and its siblings,
i became "quadriplegic".
oh! That'z one of them;

i read them through,
and improved 'quadruplely'.
Ha! Ha! That'z another;

as i probed questly,
i quavered at the queue of words therein.
that was a quagmaire
and it made me querulous;

the quiddity of this words were quiescent,
and that threw me to its quirkery;

what are my saying?;

'Qp'-a quickened quark;

that was why it quashed my vocabularies;

this word hunt
made me a quadruped!...