Amber Gillie

Without You

Variety of poems I have written I'm a Poet, Hopeless Romantic, Believer, Dedicated, Lover, Mother, Klutzy, Believes in Fairytale endings, OptimisticI see beauty in everything that God has created & see "art" in all forms.

Falling asleep without you every night,
Makes me miss you with all my might.
For you take my breath away,
Please listen to what I'm about to say.
In this life I want to walk by your side,
Hand in hand, my love will always abide.
When I feel your body against mine,
Reminds me of true love divine.
In my heart sings a rhapsody,
That harmonizes a melody.
We are a perfect pair,
What we have found is very rare.
I thank the good Lord above,
For sending me my true love.