Thomas Warmbrodt

Within Us

Watch the darkness grip their hearts,
Almost as though their souls are being taken,
Being pried from their bodies,
But it seems not to be the fear,
That grips them this night,
More so the night itself,
Battering their minds to nothing,
Yet as i watch all this unfold before me,
The end now seems closer then ever before,
But as we stare through the darkness,
Peering into the shadows that lurk behind our crumpling defences,
We see a glimmer,
No a light,
A sign that all is not lost,
That death may come,
But the end shall not come this night,
As long as we fight,
For the light that lies within us needs simply to be lit,
By a sign,
By a single glimmer of hope,
So as we may fight back the darkness,
The shadows that lurk now behind our souls restored anew.