Darleen Wilson

Wind whisper

As I walk out my front door, I feel the breeze.
Caressing the falling leaves.
Floating to the ground, Sprialing round and round.

I Lay apon the autumn, And look up to the sky!
Clouds forming shapes unknowe to my memorie.
So as I lay I hear whispers softly calling my name.

In seconds I'm up on my feet following the wind that speaks to me.
Dashing through the endless woods, I slip and crash to my knees.
As I try to hold it together, I hear an other whisper!

Trying to hold back the tears but when I think of you the river always flows.
Just trying to understand if I heard her? Or if I just going crazy...

 " Baby you're all right, Ill be by your side, when ever you need me, Just call my name and i'll be here in our place"

The whispers in the wind, calling out my name.
This graceful Descent delivering a message to me!!!!

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