William John

Who taught them?

I am born and brought up in Kerala state, in India. In Kerala, Thrissur city is my native place and now I am residing at Kadavoor village in Ernakulam district.I am a senior lawyer at The High Court of Kerala. Literary talents all dwelt in my blood from my very birth itself. From, while studying in…

Who taught them to sing the National hymns?
Who taught them to suffer anything, everything and more?
Who taught them to shut their mouths on inequity?
Who taught them to chant soprano to their ugly leaders?
Who taught them to sit nameless forever and forever?
Who taught them to remain smiling; even when their charity being ransacked?
Who taught them, who taught them; they have no right even to a name-
When they are gang-raped, murdered and shattered on the streets?
I don't know, don't know, don't know,
If anybody knows, please tell me, tell me.

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