suzy Q

who am i?

who am i when my mother is not looking? to know i have the keys to my life with no boundaries.I feel free
I can now scream and stand on the tallest of all mountains
I am now free to speak the words of wisdom to my fellow elders without shivering.
My mother is not here to hold my hand, as I step into the real world and become myself

Who am I truly when my mother is not looking?
I can love now love my man with pession and show him affection .as my mother's attention is somewhere. Where I am not;I can now sell my virginity to the highest bidder.because I dont know better.the only echo I hear is an echo of freedom.

Who am I when my mother is not looking because
I am still questioning my purpose of wanting freedom.i know i am now broken but my mother's lack of sight
 feels like the cast has been removed from my broken body
I may not have the strangth yet but surely I will one day
But as for right now
Let me go back to where my mother can keep an eye on me.