Amir Samji

Who am I?

I'm keep thinking, who I am, and why I am?
What is the purpose, and what are the aims?
Is beyond imagination of any sport or game
If unable to find answer, you have no name

Think, and keep thinking to find your reality
Is there, and is confined in your personality
Strive for it, list out what are possibilities?
Use mental software to find out eventually

It will guide you through source of lights
Further it will lead you to light of lights
Thinking is precondition to take that flight
The more you think, more it sheds lights!

You'll see, unseen, is cause of delight
Excite further to think, to take more flight
Enrich your experience, purpose highlight
Help understand creation theory with own eyes

With intellect you can discover your chronology
Will explain you further what's your genealogy!
You're from God, empowered with his psychology
Be theosophical to envisage myth of mythology