Dumka Vincent

Where's Kimoya Brown

I am a lover of poem.I love to read and write and my first letter was addressed to my headmaster,requested that he assist my mother to pay off my school exammination fee.At the age 6 years,I had already started writing my short story books.But though,some life experiences had also contributed towar…

Days have crawled faster behind me
Leaving this thoughts,i never raised
Like a lonely owl that creeps in the day

You were here,as i loved
Taking my gracious heart to learn
A secret that breached my peace
At nightfalls on my lonely bed

My tears are almost plenty
Like puddles of settled water
In trauma,i am feeling your stray

This talent of you await your smile
From your fortess that enclove your joy
But i need you here

Your poems suddenly fades from my sight
As i glare every reviews that strolled through
Rather,a bades of strange names mocked me

I wish you appear
Like a distant star
And never to blinks to fade no more
Where is Kimoya Brown?

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