Rowine Conley

Where Now

Writing is not something I do--it's something I am. I have been a wordsmith since before I could write. I have now written 2 novels, 6 children's books, several short stories, and boxes full of poetry. I am now disabled but I still have a day job. I have 7 sisters, a dog and 2 cats (one has only 3 …

I see you standing by yourself
Looking like a clown
Did you see me laughing
When you were falling down
You put yourself in power
And thought you had it all
But now that I'm above you
You seem to be so small

Did anybody tell you
What and when and how
And do you hear them asking
Where's your woman now?
Are you suffering in silence
Did you take a bow
Do you know the answer
Where's your woman now?

Once there was a time
You were a wolf among the sheep
Once you were a master
And we cried in our sleep
When everyone obeyed you
You were in your prime
But I say to you old man
It's been a long long time

Do you waste your days in wildness
Is there sweat upon your brow
And do you ever wonder
Where's your woman now?
When we were ripped asunder
You threw away your plow
And do you even wonder
Where's your woman now?