Rick McDonald

When We Were Young

DoB:May 28,1976 Hometown:Springfield,Missouri Sex:Not Often Email:r1ckjam3s@hotmail.com

When we were young, the minutes were long
Then days go by and now years are gone
When we were young, time was our friend
Now time marches on, and everything ends
When we were young, we lived for the day
But everything breaks when we look away

Now that we're older, a year is a moment
And all that we are, and still we can't hold it
Now that we're older, we still can be taught
Our time's running out, but time's all we got
Now that we're older, we still live for the day
But new turns to old, and white fades to grey

You are older now than you have ever been.
Believe when I say...
You will never be this young again.

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